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1. Share a folder on the host OS

This is indicated by type vboxsf. The issue becomes that the mount point may not be where desired, and the permissions are root only. You can access the share by making the user, or group id of , a member of group vboxsf. May require reboot. You can change where the folder is mounted by using the VBoxControl command. The command is installed when Guest Additions is installed. VirtualBox's Shared Folder Info. VirtualBox's guestproperty info. My setup: Windows 7 host, guests: Ubuntu Install virtual box additions on the guest os.

Then shutdown the guest OS. Open the guestos settings in virtual box. Then add a shared folder and save the settings. Then start the guest os and for ubuntu issue the below command. It adds the current user to the vboxsf group. If your home folder inside your guest contains folders having same name as VirtualBox shared folders, you can mount them automatically with following shell script:.

When you get the following error: Protocol error. Unfortunately this means that you use the default share name or host's share directory name is the same as the mounted guest share name. In this case it is "share". Just create another share folder, i. In the resulting Add Share pop-up form, click on the down-arrow button in the Folder Path field, and then select Other.

A Browse For Folder pop-up window will appear. In my case, I had just added another hard drive to my workstation to be used for a dedicated share, already formatted for NTFS, with a volume name of "share", and mounted as "G: So I clicked the arrow next to Computer , selected drive G: In your case you should select whatever folder or drive you intend to share, then click the OK button.

Leave the Folder Path field alone, but you can change the Folder Name if you like -- just be sure to remember it for later. Finish up the Add Share form by selecting the Make Permanent check box, but be sure to leave the Auto-mount check box cleared -- we're going to take care of mounting later.

And of course, if you want to make the folder or drive read-only, then go ahead and check the Read-only box. Then click the OK button. The newly-configured share should now appear as an entry under Machine Folders in the Folders List. Click the OK button.

virtualbox - Share folder with mac guest on a linux ubuntu host - Ask Ubuntu

This edit needs to be done either as root or via sudo, for example:. I personally used vi, but because nano is the default editor on Debian jessie I specified it in the above example. The "Mount Point" is a directory path spec that must already exist but should be empty. That is, anything already present in that directory will be hidden by what you're mounting on top of it.

I had created a new, empty subdirectory named "share" in my home directory. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to mount a VirtualBox shared folder? What is the procedure for mounting a VirtualBox shared folder in Linux? Read more about locked posts here.

Sharing folders on VirtualBox from Mac host to Linux guest

Is this a question? Please rephrase it so that it becomes a question, post your own answer to it, and I'll be more than glad to remove the downvote. Edited to show non-working command. A common error is protocol error as stated in question.

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  3. Step 1: Configure Mac OS to share files.

Guest Author. Step 1: In my case is Step 2: Click the pencil icon in the Location Bar and enter the following string: For example: And you should see your share. Note, unless you've changed the default permissions, you'll only have read access.


Wayne Liauh Tuesday, November 11, How did you manage to get the IP address of Hi Jim, Thanks for the reply. Actually I went to your blog first, but was unable to duplicate the result in Vista. The following is a summary of what I did: In Vista, I first change the sharing option to reader everyone Then in the os RC1 VM, I entered the location of smb: Same result i.

Setting Up Shared Folders in Ubuntu Guest with VirtualBox

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