How to reply to email on mac

In summary, it looks like the mail comes from some kind of bulk mailing where other recipients are BCCed.

Set up the rules for your email reply

In Gmail, the original From address is shown, along with a Via address, which will be your address. The big advantage of redirecting is that replies go to the original sender, without you getting caught up in the middle.

iCloud: Reply to or forward email in iCloud Mail

The above example of redirecting a client query is a good one. If you forward the email to your support team, then the reply may come to you, not the client. The best case is that you and the client will both be included in the Reply All answer. If you redirect the email, then the reply will go direct to the client instead, without any further involvement for you.

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  5. Reply to, forward or redirect emails in Mail on Mac.

Redirecting an email in Mail on macOS is as easy as forwarding one. Then, continue as normal. You can even add more info to the email, just like you were replying or forwarding, and it will behave the same way.

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  • How to Add and Change the Reply-To Header in Mac OS X Mail.
  • Add and Change the Reply-To Header in Mac OS X Mail?
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    Apple Mail… Control How You Respond To Emails

    Tech Ease for all your classroom technology needs. How do I reply to or forward an email? We receive them all the time for things like technical support questions we submit or payments we make. You might even set up automatic replies of your own for emails coming into the office when you leave on vacation.

    If you want all conditions you set up to apply, select All in the drop-down box. If you want any of the conditions you enter to apply, choose Any instead. There are many more options to pick from and the conditions are quite flexible.

    How to Create "Out of Office" Auto Email Replies with OS X Mail

    So, start by choosing your condition from the drop-down list and then add any necessary parameters in the fields next to it. You can set up more than one condition if you like.

    Apple Mac mail tutorial 1

    Take a look at our full tutorial for additional details on working with the Mail app Rules.