Mac ping communication prohibited by filter

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They both print fine. The Mac is also connected to the router via ethernet.

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I've tried all the advice in previous posts queue lp on etc, , but to no avail. When I ping the print server IP address, I get: Does anyone have a solution for this? More Less. Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. All replies Drop Down menu.

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The print server address is This is fixed in this screen. The computer address is How do I correct all this? Confirm you have the router set up to connect for you, whether it's DSL, dialup or cable? If PPP is needed, it should be done from the router.

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I think we're getting somewhere. Now, read the print server manual carefully to see what printing protocols are supported. Since we don't have the Windows auto-setup software, we need to be sure we enter the right info into Printer Setup Utility. Both of these require a queue name sometimes called a port name. It doesn't require a queue name. Several things I don't understand: Under the current network config, I can access DSL on all computers via the router wired and wireless.

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I can print from the PC both wired and wireless , I just can't print from the Mac. Under "Configure IPv4: There is no DHCP option. I've tried swapping the SD card with a new one to make sure my SD card wasn't corrupted which happens too often incidentally after power is lost. If someone could point me to another post, that would be greatly helpful.

Do you wish to access the Pi outside the house "over the Internet"? Is your Pi connected via wires or wirelessly? Missing features? Change to the prosilver theme! You can find it in your settings. Try googling: I use command line "ping my. Communication prohibited by filter In the past I've had "lost packets" but that was to do with a corrupted SD card.

This router is driving me crazy.

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  • I can't access the PI even locally. I was using weaved in the past to access remotely but don't really need to.

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    Your new box looks more like a modem, and not a router. Can you connect 2 computers at the same time at home, and have internet working on both? If "no", then your box is setup as a modem.

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    See what you can do to activate a router feature.