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Now click the newly opened "Keyboard" Disk Image on the desktop and examine the contents. In fact, frame it. Wallpaper your wall with copies of it. Get a version tattooed on your chest. Just make sure you have it. Without this, you'll have trouble figuring out exactly which keypresses result in which characters, and this method won't work very well at all.

Mac IPA: Main page

Once you've restarted, go to the System Preferences Application. Click the "Language and Text" "International" on older versions , then, click the "Input Sources" or "Input Menu" tab inside the Language and Text Pane, and you'll be presented with a window like this:.

Also, feel free to change the shortcut to switch input methods to make things faster for you down the road. Click the "Keyboard" Option.

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X ", and check "Show input menu in menu bar". Also, feel free to change the shortcut to switch input methods to make things faster for you down the road, under "Shortcuts". Now that you've done that, you should have a little American flag in your menu bar. You're now set up to use the IPA on your mac. Be very sure to select Charis SIL for your font in the document. Start typing and you'll find yourself typing IPA symbols! You'll slowly learn the reasonably intuitive set of key sequences e. Since Mavericks To enable this option, first, go through the steps above to get the font and keyboard set up, making extra sure to enable "Show input menu in menu bar".

Once you've done this, go to the little input menu in the menu bar, then click "Show Emoji and Symbols". To enable IPA, click the Gear in the top left corner of that window, then "Customize List", then scroll down and check the box for "Phonetic Alphabet". Now, you can use that symbol picker menu to insert IPA by clicking "Phonetic Alphabet" and double-clicking the character you'd like. To add diacritics, just click the base character, then the diacritic which modifies it. Again, though, this will only work when you're using an IPA-friendly font.

With either of these methods, you can use IPA in any application, from email to messages, and it should display fine for any of your linguist friends who have suitable fonts installed. That said, Microsoft Word, even the latest version, doesn't always play nicely with this sort of input. If the standard IPA layout doesn't work for you, I would suggest making a custom keyboard layout with Ukelele or if you prefer text-based editing, KeyLayoutMaker.

To get the "Phonetic Alphabet" pane to show up, customize which are visible with the gear icon in the top left.

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You should normally not have a problem making the IPA keyboard work. It uses "dead keys" to create the IPA characters. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

IPA keyboard layouts for Mac OS X

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